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Talkeetna | Alaska - Air Taxi Excursions, Charter and Flightseeing Tours to 20.230 ft Mt. McKinley and Denali National Park. Alaska Railtours to Talkeetna from Anchorage and Fairbanks. Mt. McKinley Flights with Glacier Landings on the Kahiltna, Mountaineering Base Camp Support, Individual Talkeetna Sightseeing Day Tours and Susitna River Jetboat Trips.

TATS#1 Denali Flightseeing Tour with Glacier Landing
This magnificent 1:45 minute flight takes you within six miles of Mt. McKinley's magnifent 20.320 ft summit and his massive sister peaks - 14.500 ft Mt. Hunter and 17.400 ft Mt. Foraker -. As your flight departs Talkeetna, you begin soon to see how the last ice age has shaped the land. Moments later you enter a world of rugged high mountain peaks and wide glacier filled valleys. Listen as your pilot describes the natural wonders of Denali National Park and see the Sheldon Amphitheater, beautiful Ruth Glacier, and the Great Gorge - the world's deepest gorge, almost 2 miles from top to bottom -. Land on a glacier beneath Mt. McKinley for 15 minutes and enjoy the sun, snow and unique sounds of the glacier. No other glacier in Alaska places you right next to the greatest vertical relief on the planet. A experience you'll never forget. ▶ Departure: Daily ▶ Rate: US$325.00

TATS#2 Denali Flightseeing Tour with Glacier Landing
You will talk about this tour forever! This 2-hour  flight will take you completely around 20.320 ft Mt. McKinley. Begin with the McKinley flyer route and see the south side of Mt. McKinley, including the Kahiltna Glacier, McKinley's famous west buttress, Sheldon Amphitheater, Ruth Glacier, and the Great Gorge. Then fly across the divide to see McKinley's incredible Wickersham Wall, a 14,000 ft continuous rise of rock and ice. Our passengers claim this flight is the highlight of their entire Alaska experience. Touch down for a landing at the Sheldon Amphitheater. Enjoy the stillness of the mountains broken only by the far off rumble of distant rock and ice slides. Cross over the divide of the Alaska Range revealing the arctic tundra of the north side of Denali's remote interior.
Departure: Daily ▶ Rate: US$365.00

TATS#3 Denali Flightseeing Tour
The 1-hour tour takes you within 6 miles of McKinley's north summit (19,470 ft.) and south summit (20,320 ft.). You will enter an ancient world of rugged high mountain peaks, towering snow-capped mountains and glacier-filled valleys and explore the south and east faces of Mt. McKinley. Understand, this mountain is immense! View the vertical rise of Mt. McKinley starting at its base of around 2000 feet mean sea level to over 20,320 feet. Witness an 18,320-foot mountain on this flight. Take in the flowing river of the Ruth Glacier, the renowned Sheldon Amphitheater (glacier landings often done here), the Great Gorge with its mile high granite walls - the world's deepest, and the intense blue melt water pools that dot the glaciers. Optional glacier landing are available.
Departure: Daily ▶ Rate: US$195.00 + Optional Glacier Landing US$75.00

TATS#4 Talkeetna 3-Rivers Jetboat Tour
The glass-domed boats with onboard restrooms are the most technology advanced river jetboats operating in Alaska. You'll see the Chulitna Gorge and experience class 2/3 whitewater, visit an Dena'ina native camp with an authentic trappers cabin and enjoy a selection of hot beverages and cookies for a snack as you travel sixty miles on the Talkeetna, Chulitna and Susitna Rivers. Observe nestling bald eagles, beaver activities and moose. One highlight is of course the magnificent view of towering Mt.McKinley, Mt. Hunter and Mt. Foreraker and the mighty Alaska Range in the distance. Naturalists may enjoy wildflowers and plants that grow in abundance along the river system and you learn about edible plants that were used by natives for medicines and cooking.
Departure: Daily ▶ Rate: US$110.00 Adult US$ 55.00 Children

TATS#5 Talkeetna Mountain Range Heli Hiking Tours
Lift off from the lowlands of Talkeetna’s boreal forest for a thrilling helicopter flight into the Talkeetna Mountains above. Step onto pristine alpine tundra, and watch as your ride soars above and fades into the distance. Feel as if you have been magically transported to a vast, open wilderness, a hiker’s paradise inaccessible by any trail. Tremendous views of Denali, the Alaska Range, and countless peaks surround you, taking your breath away and putting you face to face with the enormity of the Alaskan back country. Luckily, you are in the company of an experienced naturalist guide who will show you the way and get you home safely. As Talkeetna's only commercial helicopter operator we are proud to offer you this unique wilderness experience.
Departure: Daily ▶ Rate: US$399.00

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