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Dear Partner in Travel

If you are interested to market, promote and sell year-around our popular Alaska Tours actively as our official General Sales Agent (GSA) within your country or within a specific region - please contact us. We provide net rates, design and assign a specific website for your particular feeder market and assist you with your online marketing campaigns to succeed within the marketplace. Please contact us for further information. 

We are happy to co-operate with all licensed travel agents and registered tour operators from around the world. Compared to other tour companies our rates are extremely reasonable and of course commissionable. Book with confidence !

Compare our Services and Rates

▶ Exceptional Value

▶ The Individual Tour Concepts provide a Maximum of Flexibility for your Customers

▶ Highly Competitive and Comprehensive Tour Package Rates

▶ Worldwide Toll Free Call Back Line – Stay in Touch and Talk to us ®

▶ Dedicated 24/7 Customer Service Help Line and Online Support

▶ Destination Image Database available in JPG or TIFF Format for Brochures

▶ Reservation Confirmation and Customized Itinerary Samples within 24 Hours

▶ English, German, French Speaking Sales Staff

▶ Professional Multi-Lingual PDF Tour Documentation

▶ Destination Management

▶ Secured Online Credit Card Payments in US$, EURO, CAD$

▶ Travel Web Site CMS Templates

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